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[Our Vision]

Drone × Agriculture for appealing Japanese farming method to the World

Food crisis, environmental issues, energy resources depletion – today’s social/economic models have awaken the limitation.

Our future requires recycling-oriented and prosperous coexistence social/economic model in which people over the world can help with each other for enjoying their lives.

Japan has been realizing recycling-oriented prosperous coexistence society within limited land and resource.
Wa-gokoro, the spirit of Japanese who are able to build that society, has been noticed again its value necessary for future in the world.

We will contribute for creating;

  • the society in which young generation eager to take over farming artisan’s will and skill can advance their dream

  • the environment which connects directly the successor and those who pursue happiness of delicious food

We will realize an environment in which foreigners and Japanese farmers have contacts and support with each other.

In Japanese agriculture, we will transform tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge with our IT goal, IoT x Cloud.
Thoroughly seeking it, we’re sure to learn the basic concept that nature and human beings are not dichotomy but collaborative subordinate-superior relationship in Japanese farming method.

For future, we assume that IoTx cloud technology from overseas needs to be applied to agriculture, and we will specialize the drone area in IoT.

Based on my business experience for quarter-century in Microsoft Corporation, hold hands with overseas partners, collaborate with IT industry, agriculture and their supportive structures like human resource development projects.

We’ll be running to our goal, “IT × Agriculture = Appealing regional treasure to the world”.

Drone Japan COO, President, Kiichiro Katsumata.

[Our Business]

Our business is deployed based on the following three policies.


  1. Support in documentation of operational instruction manual and licensing procedure along with the Civil Aeronautics Act revised,

  2. Provide a wide variety of public seminar, including overview of Drone, how to apply Drone (for project planner, SW developer), etc.2)

  3. Provide seminars and consulting for commercial customer individually

Drone agriculture

We aim to build up the system with the process from collecting data and images from various kinds of sensor by Drone autopilot navigation, conducting Cloud AI analysis and up to getting cultivation report.
Working with autonomy, university & institutes, local agriculture cooperatives, IT business operator and foreign agricultural IT service providers, we plan and conduct the demonstration experiment.  Also engaged in management of Secure Drone Consortium as a chairman and executive director.

  • Food self-sufficiency

Food self-sufficiency in the world is expected to become less than 100% till 2025, and to cause world-wide food famine.

  • Precision farming

Originate data of farm status information with tools of image analysis and remote sensing, and analyze it from various perspective/viewpoints including artificial intelligence in order to advance yield increase, pesticide reduction and value-added production.

  • Drone

In U.S, Drone is used as automation/sensing tool to automate examination, analyze the amount of fertilizer, diagnose disease, appropriately apply pesticide, lessen the maintenance cost like irrigation, etc.


We provide opportunity to learn about empowerment of the technology and project/planning for human resources toward new AI analysis era of IoT/BigData. From children to higher education institutions, utilize Drone as IoT device to deepen their learning.

  • “Dronecode Japan” project

Japan’s first drone school focusing on drone software development.The president of school is Randy who is a dronecode developer at the top class of the world. we educate & generate drone open source software developers for social business innovation with Drone.

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[Drone Japan member]

Drone Japan with incorporator (Sunohara and Katsumata) consists of staffs and partners who has perspective and ability of project planning/oversea expansion in the area of “Agriculture × IoT” and “Education × IoT”, for both of which be the No.1 Drone professional team is our goal.

CEO : Hisanori Sunohara

Contributed to PC popularization in Mitsui Bussan Digital Ltd. and Microsoft Corporation since the dawn of PC market. Devoted into Drone business from 2013 and took up the post of CEO in Secure Drone Consortium, and established Drone Japan.

COO, President : Kiichiro Katsumata

After 23-year-succeeded in Microsoft Corporation, founded Drone Japan aiming the utilization/integration of IT technology and the origin of Japanese manufacturing mind, “Artisan in farming”.

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Profile of Kiichiro Katsumata

Engaged in sales/marketing division for 23 years in Microsoft Corporation. During the dawn of Windows and its widespread period, climbed up to the marketing director from the persistent sales efforts, and dedicated to building up of foundation in IT industry.
Retired in Nov. 2014. After one-year-preparation period, founded Drone Japan in which great opportunity can be come true with long-standing ambition, utilizing/integrating IT technology and the origin of Japanese manufacturing mind, “Artisan in farming”.
In addition, working along with “Agriculture x IT human resource education project (management representative of “Derukui”, Private learning program for innovation)” and “IoT educational activity for children and youth in developing nations (vice president of Edotec global)”. Based on the theme of life-work, “IT × Agriculture = Appealing regional treasure to the world”, advancing the works with ambition of substantiating “solution development, personnel training and expansion to the world”.